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      After sale
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      1.Provide on-site technical services according to the requirements of the demand party to guide the buyer to carry out installation, commissioning and production. 

      2.Strictly implement the minutes or agreements signed by the supply and demand sides on major issues.

      3. Strengthen the pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, and carry out the "advanced service" and "whole process service" in the whole process of product manufacture, installation, debugging and overhaul.

      And the owner's valve operators, maintenance personnel to carry out relevant knowledge training.

      4. After receiving the quality information of the buyer's response, the reply shall be given within 2 hours.
      If the need for on-site settlement, the service personnel guarantee to arrive at the scene within 2 to 24 hours, put forward treatment suggestions, so that the user is not satisfied with the quality, the service does not stop.

      5. The warranty period shall be 18 months from the sale of the product or less than 12 months from the installation of the product (limited to those who arrive first), In compliance with the product standards and the operating conditions and operating conditions specified in the contract (to provide proof that the product itself does have design, material or processing defects, and to make written representations to the Group), to carry out repair, replacement and refund,
      All supply products during the life of all maintenance, at any time to provide spare parts of the valve.

      6. The Group has a sound service system, regular on-site return visits (once every 6 months) and regular telephone return visits (once a month).

      7. Service hotline: 022 60113811.

      • Tel:022-6011 3811
      • Fax:022-6011 1663
      • E-mail:blzf@chinablzf.com
      • Address:Xiditou Industrial Zone, Tianjin
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