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       Post:  Foreign trade sales  Number of peopers:  32
       Gender:  不限  Profession:  Unlimited
       Release time:  2019年8月3日  Validity period:  10天
       Requirements:  1. Responsible for the internal work of the marketing department, make the required forms 2. Collation and filing of internal documents in the department. 3. Complete the order implementation tracking procedure of the marketing department 4. Assist the minister to do all the other work of the marketing department. Age between 20 and 30, gender unlimited, college degree or above, more than one year working experience salary negotiable
      If you are interested, please send your resume to email:blzf@chinablzf.com 【Apply for this position
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      • Fax:022-6011 1663
      • E-mail:blzf@chinablzf.com
      • Address:Xiditou Industrial Zone, Tianjin
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