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Play the original Zombie Party (Jan 14 2015)

The original Zombie Party

Play the original Zombie Party (from Jan 14 2015)



This was made for Ludum Dare 31. Created in 48 hours! Inspired by Castlevania, Mario, and Zelda!

Rev to scale

Relative to Scale

This was made for Ludum Dare 30. It was created in 48 hours!

Bub Trubz

Bubble Trouble

Fun bubble popping action! My first game-a-week project!

Tennie Time

Tennis Time Extreme

Extreme ball bouncing fun! My second game-a-week project!

Sheepy slinger

Sheep Slingshot

Inspired by Kitten Cannon! Sling the sheep as far as you can! My third game-a-week project!

Mine battle

Mine Battle

A 2 player minesweeper battle! My fourth game-a-week project!

Andy ninja

Android Ninja Robot Rampage

Run along rooftops and kill corporate robots! Currently very incomplete.


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Hello! My name is Ben James and I’m an Indie Game Developer in Louisville, Kentucky. I have an admiration with the idea of creating fantastic and unique virtual experiences for gamers, like myself. Thank you for giving me your time to view my page!

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